11th Hussars Prince Alberts Own, pre WW1 uniform and portrait. Unit of Charge Of The Light Brigade fame


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On offer here is a extremely good order Hussars  tunic dated 1912 and trousers dated 1913   and accompanying portrait of a Hussar in similar uniform.

The 11th Hussars or Cherry Bums as they were referred to because of their red trousers were a longstanding and famous cavalry regiment of the British army, raised in 1715 they remained in service until amalgamation with the 10th Hussars in the 20th century

As you can see in the pictures these are in remarkable condition the only fault we can see is the buttons are missing (easily replaced) please see pictures as to the condition


Included, the tunic trousers and portrait whist every effort will be taken to pack carefully no liability will be accepted  over the glass in the picture


UK sale preferred if you live overseas and wish to purchase this please contact us 1st to discuss shipping thank you

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