1914 Star Trio, Darius Clegg, 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment, Armley, Leeds ..


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A 1914 “Mons” Trio on faded original ribbons, named to 9277 Pte D Clegg 2/W York R.

Darius (Darcus/Darus on some records) Enlisted on 28th December 1909 .

He was serving at Malta in 1913, where he was courtmartialled for being absent without leave and violence to a superior. He was sentenced to 84 days, reduced to 28 days .

Darius arrived in France 5th of November 1914 as 9277, also 10049 .

At some point he was transferred to the Labour Corps as 475907 .

He was discharged due to sickness 6th February 1919 , address given as 10 Bosnia Place, Armley, Leeds .

In 1925 he was living in a caravan at Shipley .

A nice trio to a regular soldier worthy of more research.





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