3 clasp Khedives Sudan Medal 1897.



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The medal is unnamed as awarded to Egyptians and Sudanese soldiers.

For British troops, the recipient’s name and details were engraved on the medal’s edge. Those awarded to Egyptian and Sudanese recipients were named in Arabic script, although some, particularly later issues, were awarded unnamed.

The Khedive’s Sudan Medal was a campaign medal awarded by the Khedivate of Egypt to both Egyptian and British forces for service during the reconquest of the Sudan, the final part of the Mahdist War. Established 12 February 1897 by Khedive Abbas Hilmi Pasha, this medal was initially to commemorate the reconquest of the Dongola province in 1896. It was subsequently authorised for later campaigns and actions until 1908. The medal was awarded with fifteen different clasps.

As many as ten clasps on one medal have been documented to members of the Egyptian Army. The medal is seldom seen with more than two clasps to British regiments since, apart from a number of small detachments, no British unit was present at more than two actions, the principal ones being the Atbara and Khartoum.

  • Firket (7 June 1896)
  • Hafir (19-26 September 1896)
  • Abu Hamed (7 July 1897)
  • Sudan 1897
  • The Atbara (8 April 1898)
  • Khartoum (2 September 1898) (For the Battle of Omdurman)
  • Gedaref (7 September to 26 December 1898)
  • Gedid (22 November 1899)
  • Sudan 1899
  • Bahar-ed-Ghazal 1900-02
  • Jerok (January to March 1902
  • Nyam-Nyam (January to May 1905)
  • Talodi (2-15 June 1905)
  • Katfia (April 1908)
  • Nyima (1-21 November 1908)

All those who received the Khedive’s Sudan Medal for service on the Nile during 1896-98 also received the Queen’s Sudan Medal.




3 clasp Khedives Sudan Medal 1897.

Availability: 1 in stock

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