WWII Royal Navy group of 3. Stone. Loughor near Swansea, South Wales. Present at Omaha Beach Dday with US 5th Rangers.


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WWII group of three to JX 435573 Peter Stone Royal Navy.

Peter was born in Llanelli in 1924 and lived in Loughor, Llanelli.

In 1939, we find him living at Wasborough, Culfor Road, Loughor with his parents and he is still at school.

He volunteered for service in WWII and enlisted on the 19th January 1943 for the duration of war.

He begins his training at HMS Drake but in July 1943, joins HMS Cabbala to train as a coder.

HMS Cabbala

The story begins in 1939 when the farmland in Hesketh Meadow Lane was requisitioned and compulsory purchased by the War Department. It was to be used as an accommodation village for the munitions factory at Risley Moss and was  to be known as Risley Hostels.  Building started in 1941 and the self contained “village” was constructed with its own chapel, cinema and sick bay. It was to accommodate 600 workers and within twelve  months it was ready to take its first residents.

However, in 1942 and before the first Risley worker could be housed, the plans were changed and it was decided that it would become a land-based ship to be known as “HMS Cabbala.” This would be a Royal Navy signals training centre. The trainees came from all across the country to be trained in top secret methods of sending and receiving codes, especially the use of Morse Code.

There were about 600 sailors and 60 WRENS on board the ship until 1946. There is a memorial plaque to HMS Cabbala in the entrance hall erected in 1983.

He later, when qualified, after a spell at HMS Drake and HMS Pembroke IV, joins the Prince Baudouin as a coder.

HMS Prince Baudouin & Dday, Omaha Beach

In January 1943 the ship was converted to a landing vessel at Green & Silley Weir Ltd, Tilbury. Later, on the approach to D-Day the ship featured in publicity photographs showing troops using the ship for amphibious exercises at an English port. On D-Day itself HMS Prince Baudouin was active in the channel crossings as part of Assault Group O-4 led by Commander Dennis, RN. Alongside the Prince Baudouin were LSI’s Prince Charles & Prince Leopold involved in landing the U.S. 5th Ranger Battalion at Omaha Beach on June 6th 1944. During July 1944 the ship assisted with troop landings in the South of France.

He would leave the service in August 1946.

The group comes with his Certificate of Service.

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