Gallantry. 4th Class Cross of St George. Awarded Battle of Tannenberg 1914 for distinction. Russian recipient.


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Cross mounted on modern ribbon and suspension

Numbered 141326, awarded to Gavrilyuk, Pavel Andreevich. Bombadier in the 3rd Battery of the 4th Line Artillery Brigade.

Awarded for distinction in battle 26-27 August 1914.

‘The Battle of Tannenberg, also known as Second Battle of Tannenberg, was fought between Russia and Germany between 26 and 30 August 1914, the first month of World War I. The battle resulted in the almost complete destruction of the Russian Second Army and the suicide of its commanding general, Alexander Samsonov. A series of follow-up battles (First Masurian Lakes) destroyed most of the First Army as well and kept the Russians off balance until the spring of 1915. The battle is particularly notable for fast rail movements by the Germans, enabling them to concentrate against each of the two Russian armies in turn, and also for the failure of the Russians to encode their radio messages. It brought considerable prestige to Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg and his rising staff-officer Erich Ludendorff.’

Date 26–30 August 1914


Near Allenstein, East Prussia, German Empire


German victory


  • Near destruction of the Russian 1st and 2nd Armies


  • Russia retreats from East Prussia


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