Boer War/WW1 group. Blacksmith Fred Liddicoat. HMS Barossa and Albion

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A nice group consisting of Queens South Africa Medal with no clasps on replacement ribbon

Named to F Liddicoat Blksth HMS Barrosa

1915 Star on original ribbon named to 133086 F Liddicott Blk RN

BWM and Victory on original ribbons named to 133086 F Liddicote Blk RN

Listed as born at Rocke, St Austell Cornwall on 20th February 1867 a blacksmith by occupation he joined the Navy on 2nd May 1885 initially for 12 years he ended up serving until the 5th April 1816 invalided with eye problems

He served during the Anglo Boer War on board HMS Barossa

And during WW1 on HMS Albion. Whilst on board her the Albion supported operations in South West Africa, the Dardanelles Campaign (where she was damaged by Shell fire) Then the campaign in Salonica




Please note the differing spelling of the surname on the medals undoubtedly the same recipient and an unusual rank to a blacksmith from a small cornish village

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