British War Medal to Major/Lt Col & Civil MBE. Chapell. Plumstead, Kent. Served WW1 Malta


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Correctly named BWM Major CH Chapell.

Clarence Horatio Chapell was born in 1867 to Richard & Maria Chapell.

We first find some info on Clarence in the London Gazette in 1891 when he is announced as a War Office Assistant Surveyor, it seems he followed into his Fathers profession.

He marries Marion Fanny Adams in 1892 in Plymouth. We find a Clarence Horatio Chapell in 1907 as a shareholder in the Great Western Railways and living at 27 Rosemount Gardens, Antrim Road, Belfast.

In the Gazette in 1908, we see him promoted to Inspector of works with an honorary rank of captain. We find that he was baptised in 1916 whilst residing at 43 SDA Mezzodi, Veletta, Malta. The gazette has him as honorary Major in 1913. His MIC indicates him in Malta from 4/8/1914 and the BWM is his sole entitlement.

Next we find him living at Gloucester House, Farnborough Road, Hampshire in 1925 and the Gazette his him listed as Lieutenant Colonel.

He was awarded his Civil MBE in 1928.

Horatio died in Paris in April 1929.

BWM on original silk ribbon whereas the MBE is on very nice modern ribbon.

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