Very early WW1 Royal Navy Casualty. Jeffers. Clacton, Essex. HMS Hermes, sunk by Uboat. October 1914


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Medals named to 206682 CR Jeffers LS RN

The medals are for Claude Herbert Jeffers. Note the initial R and not H. Please note that the group is missing the 1915 Star.

Claude was born in Little Clacton in 1882. He enlisted into the Royal Navy for 12 years in December 1900. He was a waiter by calling.

He married Edith Kate Waters in 1909 in Plaistow, St Andrew and an address is found for him as 88 Appleton Road, London.

In December 1912, Claude transferred to the Royal Fleet Reserve where he first served at Pembroke I. Then, on August 25th 1914, he moved to HMS Hermes.

HMS Hermes was a cruiser and the first experimental seaplane carrier. On 30 October she arrived at Dunkirk with one load of seaplanes. The next morning, Hermes set out on the return journey but was recalled because a German submarine was reported in the area. Despite zigzagging at a speed of 13 knots (24 km/h; 15 mph), she was torpedoed by U-27 at a range of 300 yards (270 m). Hermes sank off Ruylingen Bank in the Straits of Dover with the loss of 21 of her crew. Her wreck lies upside down in approximately 30 metres (98 ft) of water

U27 was commanded by Bernd Wegener. U27 was lost with all hands in August 1915 due to gunfire from the Q ship Baralong.

He is remembered on the Clacton-On-Sea War memorial as well as the Chatham Naval Memorial.

In the photos, we’ve included an interesting newspaper report from a survivor.

The group is court mounted on card for display using new ribbon.

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