Family group. Kavanagh. Royal Navy and ROAC, HMS Exmouth. Birmingham


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Court mounted WW1 1915 Star and Victory named to 305881 RB Kavanagh Sto 1 RN

WW2 war medal unnamed as issued. Richard was born at Curragh Camp, Kildare, 28th July 1882. He served on HMS Exmouth between 1st of August 1914 and 31st August 1917 which means he took part in the shelling of Zeebrugge in 1914 and the Gallipoli campaign whist aboard.

Sons court mounted group of 4 unnamed WW2 medals and Kings Malaya 22251031 Cpl WJ Kavanagh. Borneo Campaign Service Medal 22251031 Sgt WT Kavanagh ROAC

We were told he served in the Green Howards during WW2 but this needs to be confirmed by the purchaser

The medals have been poorly modern courtmounted not too well and would benefit from being remounted

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