George V Royal Navy LSGC. Scholey. Uboat attack survivor, HMS Ariadne. Leeds.


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Correctly named medal to 236879 B Scholey YS HMS Revenge

Bramworth Scholey was born in Leeds 1889 ans was working as a cloth finisher when he enlisted. He enlisted on his 18th birthday in 1907. He attained the rank of Yeoman Signals.

He was aboard HMS Ariadne on 26/7/1917 when it was torpedoed just off Beachy Head by U65 with 38 people lost. U65 was one of the most succesful Uboats, sinking 105 ships in 11 sorties.  U65 was itself sunk in November 1917. July 1917 has been written about in the Dawlish Chronicles under the heading ‘July1917: A month of carnage at sea’

Bramworth continued his service until1927 and was called up for WW2 service also where he was shore based.

In 1939he is living at 38 Forest Av Plymouth and his job title is Chief Yeoman Of Signals HMS Drake. He is living with his wife Florence who he married in 1913. He died in 1954.

He is entitled to a 15 trio (Star recently sold on Ebay) and most probably a Defence Medal for WW2.

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