Gulf War Medal group to Mr G W Kimberley, Sultan of Omans Air Force.


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Gulf Medal named to Mr GW Kimberley BAE with 16th Jan to 28th Feb 1991 clasp.

The group also comes with the Omani Peace Medal plus the Omani Glorious Fifteenth National Day Medal 1985.

Also included as can be seen, some photos of aircraft, Jet Provosts, Hunters and Jaguars as well as other ephemera.

Mr GW Kimberley was an RAF veteran. In 1973, he left to take up a position with the Royal Saudi Air Force. During 1981, he joined the Sultan of Omans Air Force as a Warrant Officer and served in the Dhofar region of Oman during the communist incursion. During 1986, he left Oman to rejoin the Royal Saudi Air Force and was with BAE when he served in the First Gulf War earning the medal.

A nice interesting ‘modern’ lot with the desired Gulf1 medal

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