India General Service Medal 1854. Redding. Nth Stoneham, Southampton. Hampshire Regiment. 3rd Burma War.


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Named in running script to 19 Pte J Redding 2d Hampshire R

James was born in the Parish of North Stoneham, Southampton in 1861. He attested in September 1881 and served until September 1893.

He sailed to India on HMS Serapis in 1883 and served there until February 1888. He served as part of the 2nd Battalion who were present at the time of the 3rd Burma War.


‘King Theebaw refused to accept the ultimatum and a strong British force of 10,000 troops, including 2nd Hampshire advanced into King Theebaw’s territory. Burmese government officials had been telling King Theebaw and his Queen that Burma was winning the war to the extent that a victory party was held when the British were only a few miles from Mandalay.

The speed of the British advance surprised the Burmese and the force was able to push on easily. Mandalay was taken very quickly and the King surrendered to the British, though many Burmese fighters (Dacoits) took to the jungle and guerrilla warfare began, which was hard to control.

The Hampshires were the first British troops to enter Mandalay and provided guards over Theebaw’s palace and the reputed large amount of treasure that was contained in it’

Medal is on a modern replacement ribbon. This appears to be James’ only entitlement.


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