Kia Tyne Cot casualty Trio. 2285 Arthur Evans. Rifle Brigade. Battersea. Enlisted 1907. Courtmartialled.

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Star and bwm ribbons replacements  victory original ribbon .

1915 trio named 2285 pte a Evans rifle brig.

Arthur was born c1888 at Battersea.

A builders labourer by occupation he joined the rifle brigade in September 1907 aged 18 years old .

His conduct sheet fills two pages of offences mainly minor ones for drunkeness and absence from parades etc and concealing a disease ( gonorrhoea) which had him hospitalised with the illness for 45 days .

The most serious was whist on active service in Winchester on 26th January 1916 he was tried by d Court martial and sentenced to 1 year hard labour for ” disgraceful conduct of the indecent kind ” he seems not to have served the full  sentence due to the war .

He entered France 23rd November 1914 just missing out on a 1914 star .

In 1915 ( report date 8th may ) he suffered shrapnel wounds to head and back .

In July 1916 he was admitted to no14 ambulance train with influenza.

Arthur was killed in action on Saturday 16th August 1917 .

He is commemorated on the tynecot memorial panel 145 -147 .

His mother Matilda sherwood ( Evans was her maiden name ) lived at 2 Henley St  , battersea .

It seems he lost a brother in the war and his mother died in 1918 .

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