KSA & WW1 pair. ASC Priday. Bristol/Aberdare. Boer War Kings South Africa


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A great lot although unfortunately, 2 medals are missing. Missing are, QSA 1902 & 14 Star.

KSA correctly named to 14318 E Priday ASC and pair to T1SR-130 A Priday ASC.

Please note the different initial, this has come from the Victorian rolls where they have him as E Priday.

Albert was born in Bristol in approx 1880. He enlisted into the ASC in 1899 where as a civilian, he was a carter. We know he married Bessie in Merthyr Tydfil in 1905 and settled lived there with his family.

He also served with the ASC in WW1 under the number M/333065.

All with original long silk ribbons, the KSA has a few EKs as can be seen. Priced accordingly.

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