Large lot relating to Dorothy Clegg – Wilson family nurse WW1 APMMC, Almeric Paget Military Massage Corps


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The final lot of that large clearance see the under Wilson and Mackenzie

A group of documents and medal etc relating to Dorothy Clegg and her husband Sidney David Wilson of Bury Lancashire. Dorothy apparently had connections to the Suffragettes her album has passages and pictures of interest inc 2 oil paintings by E Wolslenholme a noted Manchester Women’s Rights campaigner of the 19th and early 20th century

It seems Dorothy was a member of St John’s Ambulance receiving 2 certificates pre ww1 in the Bury branch she joined Almeric Pagets Massage Corps being awarded a British war medal named to nurse D Clegg APMMC (wobble on suspender) on original full length ribbon a rare unit indeed there are many photographs paper work etc relating to her and her husband Sidney a journalist with the and  business manager with the national coal board magazine his school attendance medals and many other documents and related family documents more than is listed and photographed



Also if you are interested in all 3 related lots this one  the one available to their son Peter and wife johan and the 3rd to her brother and father the Mackenzies don’t hesitate to contact us

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