Miniature Silesian Uprising Cross & awarded to WW2 Polish Resistance


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A Polish Silesian Uprising Cross in miniature with original ribbon, contact marks and gilt wear, very fine.

The cross was established in 1946, to honour those who participated in the Silesian Uprising in 1921 and fought in that region in 1939 and 1945. Military personnel and civilians were eligible for this award. Also awarded to members of the Polish resistance in WW2.

The order ceased to be given out in 1999.

The Silesian Uprisings were a series of three uprisings from August 1919 to July 1921 in Upper Silesia, which was part of the Weimar Republic at the time. Ethnic Polish separatists, seeking to have the area transferred to the newly founded Polish Republic, fought German police and paramilitary forces, as the former sought to keep the area part of the new German state founded after World War I. Following the conflict, the area was divided between the two countries. The rebellions have subsequently been commemorated in modern Poland as an example of Polish nationalism.


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