Queens South Africa Medal. Badcock. 3rd Hussars. Morval, Liskeard, Cornwall


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Correctly named medal 2652 SJT ORD JH Badcock 3rd Hussars.

John Henry Badcock was born to Edward and Jane in Morval, Cornwall in 1871.

He attested to service in April 1889 aged 18 when its noted he was working as a groom. He found himself in India from 1898 until 1901. He re-enlists in Lucknow after 12 years service before being sent to South Africa where he served from 1901 until 1903. He earned his QSA there as Orderly Room Sergeant. He was then sent back to India where he served until 1908.

He married Harriett in 1898.

He was awarded the LSGC in 1907 ranked as Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant.

He was discharged from service in 1910 after 21 years.

Clasps are confirmed in his service papers which survive.

Medal is on modern ribbon.

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