Queens South Africa Medal. Farrier William Edwards. 24th Cumberland & Westmorland Imperial Yeomanry. Llangollen. Denbighshire.


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A qsa 5 clasp  on replacement ribbon named to.

25349 Farr w Edwards 24th coy imp yeo .

Clasps  confirmed on service record .

Cape colony  / orange free state  / transvaal / South Africa 1901 & south Africa 1902 .

William Edwards was born at st John,  Llangollen , Denbighshire c1878 .

A draper by occupation  he joined the 24th company imperial yeomanry at Manchester on 13th February 1901 .


He served in South Africa 14th March 1901 until 13th May 1902 .

Discharged medically unfit at Shorncliffe 14th June 1902 .

His father was John Edwards  a blacksmith living at the temperance Hotel,  Llangollen,  Denbighshire.



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