Queens South Africa Medal. Jennings. Cameron Highlanders. Halifax.


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Correctly named 2809 Pte E Jennings 1:Cam’n Hdrs

Edward was born in Halifax in 1870. He was working as a baker when he enlisted into the 5th Bn Camerons in 1891.

His address is given as 21 Bangor St, Halifax, Yorks.

The clasps Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Wittebergen and Cape Colony are confirmed on rolls.

He first served overseas in Malta and Gibraltar from 1895. He was sent to Egypt in October 1897 and stayed until March 1900 when he was sent to South Africa in the March of 1900 and there he stayed until July 1902.

He is entitled to a Kings South Africa Medal along with a Queens Sudan and Khartoum medals. His record shows him to be at the Nile Expedition 1898.

Edward saw plenty of action during his days with the Camerons, the battles of Khartoum, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, and Wittebergen.

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