Rare WW1 French Phrasebook for British Soldiers.


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What a British Soldier wants to say in French by Abbe H. Delepine
WW1 French phrasebook issued to troops on their way to the front. Who knows where this book has been, or who read it? and thats what makes it so poignant.
These were produced in 1914 and sold for 3d. so that people could provide them to the Expeditionary forces. Printed by H J Gains & Co. from 19 Moorfileds, London, the author was moved to create this little book after meeting troops in northern france in the first few weeks of hostilities. He found them at times, anxious to speak a few words in French. This was the motivation he needed to write the guide.
There are many highlights in this book, for example page 24 provides ‘no.380 Avez-vous vu des allemande passer ici?’ translating to ‘Have you seen German soldiers passing here?’.
The thicker carded cover protects 32 pages, with original staples showing signs of its age, the print is very clear and the red and blue inks have survived well through the years.

This is a very rare piece, hard to find in such good condition.

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