Silver War Badge. Bullivant. RGA & 14th Fire Command, Languard Fort. GSW. Gainsborough. Died 1924


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Correctly numbered badge B27695

Awarded to 123583 Gnr Stanley Harvey Bullivant. Born in 1897, he was living at 99 Ropery Road, Gainsborough and working as a clerk. He served from November 1916 until his discharge in October 1918. He served with 333 Siege Battery RGA and with these, he went overseas to France in May 1917. He is entitled to a pair. A wound report dated May 1918 was found but no injury noted. Further research finds that he suffered a gunshot wound to the left shoulder.

We find him transferred to 14th Fire Command where he would’ve been based at Languard Fort in Felixstowe. We presume he was most probably posted there after his wounding until the Army could discharge him.

His record has him recorded as dead in August 1924

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