St Vincent boy sailor, hms gleaner MID group Edward Bigmore U-boat interest


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Edward George Bigmore was born Devonport 6th December 1913

He died Plymouth 20 april 2003

He joined HMS Vincent as a boy sailor around 1930 wining 4 sports medals

It seemed he liked the navy as he must have spent most of the war on minesweeper HMS Gleaner

His service number was d/jx133522 he was awarded a  bounty of 4pounds 15 shillings and 10 d awarded for assistance to SS Emile Francqui on 4 to 7th of April 1941 sadly the Belgium steam merchant ship would be sunk on 16th December 1942 by U6646

He was also mentioned in dispatches 3rd April 1945 for great gallantry and endurance in clearing the estuary of the scheldt of mines October and November 1944


Inc are his 4 1930s sports medals all named Inc a loverly unusual hms st Vincent one dated 1930 interclass cutter  1st boy bigmore and a hms queen Elizabeth 100 yards one

His 3 unnamed ww2 medals inc mid oak leaf (he was entitled to France Germany clasp not with group) original transmittal slip mid certificate and emblem slip the payee order ‘re Emile Franqui 2 photos of him and a 1944 calender for Edward with love Hilda

HMS Gleaner was a halcyon class minesweeper on Feb 12 1940 she was on patrol off the firth of Clyde when she spotted U33 she depthcharged the diving submarine eventually forcing it to the surface where she was abandoned by her crew and sank

She had other brushes with uboats and a near miss with a mine badly damaged her


An interesting group to an often overlooked part of the navy minesweepers was hard dangerous work

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