SWB Major Alfred Shafto Barthrop. Norfolk Regiment, formally Cambridge Militia/Suffolk Regiment


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SWB number 341555 awarded to Major Alfred Shafto Barthropp of Newport House Newport Essex

Alfred was born in 1853 in Cretingham Suffolk, he served from the 1890s in the 4th Suffolk Regiment (Cambridge Militia)

1908 Harts shows him as Capt (Hon Major)

1911 Census, stock jobber and member of the London stock exchange

During WW1 he was attached to the Norfolk Regiment in Britannia Barracks Norwich dealing with drafts of recruits

He died in 1935


His son Sidney Alfred Nathaniel Shafto Barthropp was KIA in 3rd Battalion Sussex Regiment as an officer on 29th of Jan 1915


An interesting badge to a relatively senior officer much more research to do here

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