William Campbell Mackenzie RAF Bomber Command family group


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This is lot one of 3 related family lots from same local clearance

This is relating to the McKenzie family consisting of the merchant shipping line tunic and cap of John McGregor Mackenzie who ended up as a marine superintendent  these are well worn and showing their age photos that came with it and a business card of Mrs John Mckenzie and his sons Bomber Command group

William Campbell Mackenzie was born 06 April 1927 from Kirkcolm Wigtownshire Scotland, he joined Bomber Command as air crew aged 17. There are his 3 medals privately named as per pictures his Air Training Corps certificates, some official press photos of cadets, 2 x flying hats in worn condition but in same box some books and aircraft recognition magazines and a photo of William and his Brother in Law Peter Wilson ( the one with the pipe )


There are  more lots we will be listing Peter who’s 1st wife was Johan McKenzie (sister and daughter of the above and her documents)

And Peter’s parents items will be another available separately  they are Sidney David and Dorothy Wilson  who was a nurse in Almeric Pages Military Massage Corps

There is also a rare Luftwaffe life jacket that came from same home no doubt kept as a trophy

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