WW1 1915 Star. Royal Navy. McClune. Belfast Co Antrim. 30yr service. Irish.


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Correctly named medal to K12079 JP McClune Sto 1 RN

John Patterson McClune was born in Belfast 1893. An address of 6 Woodford St, Court Ward, Antrim is noted for him. In 1911, he was working as a general labourer. His last known residence is given as 79 Donegall Road Belfast and he was living here in 1972 when he died, he was cremated at Roselawn Cemetery.

He served in the Royal Navy from August 1911 for 12 years and in 1923, re-enlisted until September 1928. He again re-enlists in 1929 and then served until April 1941.

Other than his missing British War Medal and Victory Medal, he is undoubtedly entitled to WW2 service medals too. He did not qualify for a LSGC Medal as his service history is littered with days in the cells!


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