WW1/2 group. Ryder. Swinton, Lancashire. Royal Artillery, ARP


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Correctly named 102965 Gnr PS Ryder RA                Defence Medal unnamed as issued.

Born in 1887, Phillip Sydney Ryder was a tailors cutter by trade.In 1911, he was living at 13 Wellington Road, Swinton. He enlisted into the 179th Siege Battery which was raised in Fareham and served overseas.The 179th were sent to France in October 1916.

He had married Annie in 1912.

In 1939, he is living with Annie at Avondale, Worsley Road, Swinton, Lancs. It is noted he was serving with the ARP. His occupation now is the director of a building company.

Phillip died in 1962.

All medals on modern ribbon

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