WW1 BWM. Smethurst. Bedfords & Norfolks. Elton, Bury. GSW Leg.


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Correctly named medal to 47441 Pte J Smethurst Bedf R

Jack served in the 5th BN Bedfords and also as 41048 in the 1st Bn Norfolk Regiment.

Jack was born in 1899 to Hugh and Elizabeth and lived at 65 Crostons Road Bury. He enlisted and reports show he was wounded in December 1917 and October 1918. The wound he suffered in the December was a gunshot to the right leg and reports show he was ‘walking wounded’. In 1939, we see he is married to Sarah and is living at 16 Buxton St Bury along with his widowed mother.

On a modern ribbon

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