WW1 Nurse group with Legion Of Honour and links to aristocracy, Lord Litchfield’s family. Miller. French Red Cross.


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BWM correctly named to C St J G Miller.

Claude StJohn Claude Garle Miller was born in 1882 and was the son of Edward Miller of Bickenhall Mansions, Marylebone, London.

Claude served as a nurse in WW1 from August 1915 until November 1918. There is no roll for a 15 Star and as can be seen, no Victory Medal present though the roll states BWM & Victory. This is how they came to us.

With the group is a Legion Of Honour Medal and a French Medal Of Gratitude with Overseas rosette on ribbon.

Claude married Frances Anson, the daughter of the 2nd Earl of Lichfield. Lord Lichfield the photographer and Queens cousin was the 5th Earl.

Claude was an architect and died in 1951.

The Legion Of Honour is in excellent condition with no chipping to the enamel. Also with the lot comes with miniatures. Both groups mounted on a clasp for wear.

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