WW1 Pair. Buxton. East Yorks (Hull Tradesmen Bn) Pals. Woodhouse, Leeds & Driffield.


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Correctly named pair to 24494 Pte A T Buxton East York R

Albert Thomas Buxton was born in 1885 and served November 1915 until July 1918. He served overseas with the 11th Battalion, commonly known as the Hull tradesmen pals. In July 1918 he was deemed physically unfit for war service and discharged with a Silver War Badge numbered B79188 (not included).

An address given for him is care of Mrs Steel, 11 Hillary Place, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. In 1939 though, we find him back in Driffield, Hull living with his wife, Annie, and working as a part time postman.

On original (faded) long silk ribbons

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