WW1 Pair. Louis Frederick Harris. 265th Brigade & 5th London Brigade Royal Field Artillery. Lambeth. Discharged frostbite.


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WW1 Pair on original ribbons named to 1869 Dvr LF Harris RA

Louis joined the 5th London Brigade RFA on June 1915.

His address given as 77 C Block, Guinness Buildings,  Vauxhall Walk, SE

He served in 60th London  DAC as a driver

And 265 Brigade RFA under 971404

In 1918 he suffered frostbite which lead to his discharge with a pension and a SWB

Louis served in France 1916/ Salonika 1917 and Egypt 1918

He was married to Alice on 25th December 1912 they had two children, Eileen Winifred and Arthur James both born in Lambeth.

Comes with printouts of his MIC and papers



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