WW1 Pair. Wardle. Lancashire Fusiliers (3rd Salford Pals). West Gorton, Manchester.


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Correctly named 243532 Pte E Wardle Lanc Fus

Edwin was born to Edwin and Charlotte Wardle in 1898. We find an early address for him as 72 Norton St, West Gorton, Manchester.

He served with the 19th (3rd Salford Pals) Battalion as well as with the 3/5 & 2/7th Battalions. Records show a wound report for him dated 30/11/1918 but nothing showing the nature of the wound.

In 1939 we find him working as a railway engine driver married to Anne and living at 11 Edgevale Avenue, Manchester. Edwin died in 1985.

The pair is his full entitlement.

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