WW1 Pair with Croix de Guerre TOE. Leah. 4th South African Infantry


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Correctly named pair L/Cpl WR Leah 4th SAI

A Croix de Guerre des Théâtres d’Opérations Extérieures (War Cross of Foreign Theatres of Operation) with two bronze stars and one bronze palm leaf. This was created in 1921 to reward colonial forces serving during peacetime in foreign lands—i.e., Morocco, Algeria, Indochina, etc.

All three medals have equally faded ribbons, we believe these to have been mounted together for display before they came to us.

Its difficult to prove the validity of the award to L/Cpl Leah but as they came together, this is how we will offer them.

All on original silk ribbons which have residue on the backs from when they were stuck to a mount.


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