WW1 Royal Navy Pair with LSGC. Griffiths. Shipwright. Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales. Served HMS Hood & Yarmouth.


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Correctly named pair to 346768 G Griffiths JR RN. LSGC named 346768 George Griffiths Act Shipt 4CL HMS Yarmouth.

George was a carpenter/joiner in civilian life when he enlisted into the Navy in 1904 as a Shipwright.

He served on many ships including HMS Hood from 1905-1907 when it was in Davenport for its refit. He also served aboard HMS Yarmouth, famous for being the first ship to have a successful aircraft launch.

He was awarded his LSGC on 6/9/1919. He last served on HMS Hecla.

The lot comes with the trio, swing mounted as worn on a clasp with original silk ribbons, a ribbon strip (cut from uniform) an original cap badge plus 10 large buttons and 8 small buttons as well as some research.


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