WW1 Trio. Lewis. Army Service Corps. Served Gallipoli.


Correctly named T4/071639 Dvr HJ Lewis ASC

Henry was born c1882. He was sent overseas to the Egyptian Theatre in March 1915. Notes show us he was sent home to England from Hadra Camp in January 1916. It is also noted he was a part of 29th Divisional Train.

Following the trail of the 29th Train, we know they were present at the landing at Cape Helles including the Battle of Helles. They were also present at the 1st & 2nd battles of Krithia, Suvla and Scimitar Hill, right up to the evacuation of Suvla and the return to Helles in December 1915.

Henry was first admitted to hospital with bronchi pneumonia in the October of 1915 and then returned to the UK in the following January.

Notes state he had served for 5 years prior to 1916 so evidence of a pre war regular.

Medals come with short original silk ribbons.

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