WW1 Victory Medal. Lt Col. Burgess. Financial Advisor War Office, awarded Imperial Service Order. Croydon


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Correctly named medal Lt Col TB Burgess

Tom Berry Burgess was born in Croydon in 1865/6. He was appointed War Office clerk in 1884, Gazetted in September 1884. He was promoted to Second Division clerks in 1905 and it is Gazetted in June 1905. In June 1923, in the Kings Birthday Honours, he was awarded the Imperial Service Order as Accountant, 1st Class Army Audit Staff-War Office. This is Gazetted in June 1923.

During WW1, He was on the General Staff as a Financial Advisor and served European Theatre from 21/1/1918 until 10/3/1919.

He married Florence Mary Gough in 1889 and we find him living at 215 Park Road, Hillingdon, Uxbridge. He is recorded there as a retired Army Auditor and Financial Advisor.

This would be an interesting research project for someone especially with him being a senior officer and on the Staff.

On a length of modern ribbon.

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