WW1 Victory Medal. Lt Fear, 1/4th Bn Gloucesters. Bishopsworth, Gloucester. GSW Somme.


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Correctly named 2 Lieu C LL J Fear

Charles Llewellyn John Fear was born on Highbridge Common, Bishopsworth in 1896. He was a tobacconist when he enlisted in September 1914. He went overseas to France in March 1915 earning himself a 1915 Star Trio. He went to France with D Company 1/4th Gloucesters and had the service number 200559 and he was promoted up to Sgt. During the Battale of the Somme, he was serving at Ovillers Trenches when on the 17th July 1916, diaries report:

At 2:30am a wounded man from D Company reported that D Company were in a trench in No Mans Land. At 2:45 a written report from the O/C of D Company, Captain Castle, reported that the men were fine and had become lost due to a misunderstanding with the Worcester Regiment. At 5:25, another report was sent by runner through no mans land stating that D Company were no longer in communication with the Worcester Regiment and were being subjected to bombing on both flanks.

SGT Fear, as a member of D Company was most probably injured during this action. He recieved a gunshot to the thigh on the 17th July 1916.

He was commissioned into the 1/4th Gloucesters and became attached to the Cheshire Regiment.

On a length of original ribbon


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