WW1 Victory Medal. Marshall. York & Lancs. Oldham. GSW foot.


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Correctly named 33253 Pte W Marshall Y&L R

Wilfred was born in 1898.

We find 2 addresses for him. Firstly, 12 Knott St, Lydgate, Oldham. Secondly, 414, Rochdale Road, Oldham.

Records show he was a carter prior to enlisting.

He served with 1st, 6th & 9th Battalions of the Y&L before a compulsory transfer to the East Lancashire Regiment in March 1917. Here he had the service number 52338.\

He first served in Francefrom June 1917 where we find a wound report for him dated 3/10/1917. He later served in Salonika from June 1918.

He recieved a gunshot wounding to hi left foot in the November of 1917.

Medal on modern ribbon.

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