WW1 Victory Medal. Pearce. Skegness. Rifle Brigade. General Courts Martial.


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Correctly named medal S29499 Pte C Pearce Rif Brig

Charles was born in 1878 and the address we found for him is 35 Algitha Road Skegness. He was a furniture salesman before he enlisted in May 1916. He served in France and suffered with rheumatism and exposure. He was later attached to the 83rd Field Company Royal Engineers. His papers survive and make interesting reading as there is a report of an accidental shooting where he was shot in the foot. Statements provided by other say he was cleaning his rifle when he pulled the trigger forgetting it was loaded and this is the reason he was sent for General Courts Martial as it was not allowed to ‘keep one in the breech’. Sadly, no furthers papers are evident that we found so we cannot say what happened next.

An excellent research project for the next guardian.

Comes with a length of modern ribbon, please note the suspension hoop has been replaced, please see pics

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