WW1 Victory. Night Bomber Pilot, Handley Page 0/400. POW. Independent Air Force, RAF. Dalkeith, Edinburgh. Guild.


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Correctly named Victory to 2/Lieut C Guild RAF.

Charles was born in 1891 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Edinburgh to Charles and Christina Guild. His address is Melville Villa Dalkeith. Charles joined the Royal Flying Corps in November 1971. Here he gives his address as Cortleferry Park Dalkeith which is confirmed by the POW records. It is interesting to note that he joined via the Canadian RFC as an aircraft mechanic.

His service number was 152606. He gained a commission in May 1918. (LG 5/7/1918). He was attached to 215 Sqn Raf which at the time was based in Xaffevillers and had become a strategic night bomber squadron. By August 1918 it had become a part of the Independent Air Force, 83rd Wing. They were responsible for strategic bombing of railways, airfield and munition factories and dropped over 400 ton of bombs by night in the last 5 months of the war using the largest aircraft in the RAF, the Handley Page 0/400. He was aboard the aircraft with Lt Arthur Harrison (South Africa) and Lt Haydn Davies (Merthyr) when he was captured in Mullhouse on 15/9/1918. All three men are together in the POW records. He spent time at St Avold and Karlsruhe POW camps and was repatriated 23/12/1918.

He would be entitled to the BWM but sadly this is not with his Victory. The Victory comes the original box (a little flattened) and a strip of original ribbon. The medal is in mint condition.

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