WW1 & WW2 Group & Messina Medal. Gunner John McKelvie. Selkirk.


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A WW1 Trio & Messina Medal swing mounted on card through ribbons (probably worn with safety pins) and loose Defence and War Medals

1915 Star/BWM/Victory named  Gnr J McKelvie RN

Messina Earthquake Medal/ Defence & War unnamed as issued

John was born 28th Jan 1885 Selkirk, a hosier by occupation.

He enlisted 28th Jan 1903 for 12 years .

He served on HMS Exmouth in 1908 and is confirmed as receiving the medal .

Promoted to Acting Gunner 1st August 1914, he served in various ships in his career including HMS Invincible.

John retired at own request 31st May 1920 .

He served during WW2 as war service rank Lieutenant in shore bases .


Would benefit from being remounted.





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