WW1/WW2 Royal Navy Submarine Commander/Staff Training Officers Group of 7.


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Firstly a correctly named star to Lieut E R Lewes RN, pair Lt.Commr E R Lewes RN plus a WW2 group of 4 (unnamed as issued)

Edward was born in 1887 and joined the Navy in 1904 and then went onto serve on submarines from 1910. He began his career at HMS Rosario in Hong Kong, working on C Class boats. On his return to the UK in 1913 he joined HMS Maidstone (8th Submarine Flotilla) at Portsmouth and by December of that year, having moved to HMS Dolphin, he had command of A13. Once the war broke out, he had command of C15 in the Dover Patrol Submarine Flotilla. In October 1916 he was to move to Malta to command E25 for special service operations. In December 1916, he took E25 to work in the Western Mediterranean and Adriatic. He returned to the UK in 1918. According to his superior officers, when he returned from the Med, his nerves were ‘shot to pieces’. He was offered another command after a period of rest but expressed an inability to take it up. He joined the Periscope Course in May 1918 and became an instructor on the staff at Fort Blockhouse. He was offered the command of E45 in 1919 which he accepted and remained in command until the E&G class submarines were put on reserve. He returned to service in WW2 serving at HMS Caliope, he left the service with the rank of Acting Captain and as Chief Staff Officer at HMS Caliope. He received the thanks from the Commodore in 1919 during his time at HMS Dolphin for the writing of an instructional handbook.

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