WW1 Royal Navy Pair & LSGC. ERA Albert Victor Maxey Roberts. HMS Hermes Aircraft Carrier. Portsmouth. Served trhrough to late 1950s


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An interesting trio of medals on replacement ribbons consisting of.

British War Medal & victory  m4782 a v m Roberts era 4 rn .

Royal navy long service good conduct medal  m4782 a v m Roberts era 1 hms Hermes.  ( awarded 1929 )

Albert was born 30th June 1896 in Portsmouth,  Hampshire.

He joined royal navy 20th July 1912.

He served through ww1 and into ww2 as an engine room artificer .

According to the navy lists during ww2 He was a temporary warrant engineer .

The last navy list we can find him on He is royal navy volunteer reserve  a temporary sub lieut ( Sea cadets force ) .

He died at Newton abbot devon in 1967 .

More research needed into his ww2 entitlement etc .

( as per pictures some polishing to medals and suspender on bwm could do with tightening also the m on service number is faint on bwm and lsgc due to obviously being worn with pride over a long period)

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