WW2 group to officer who saw service on the Hood for the World Tour of the Special Service Squadron 1923/4. Brimacombe, Devonport.


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WW2 medal award slip to Electrical Lieutenant Commander Robert Brimacombe RN

Born i 1880 in Devonport, Robert first enlisted into the Royal Navy in 1901.

He saw service on the Defiance, Indefatigable, Hogue and Suffolk just to name a few and is entitled to a WW1 Pair (not present)

He was aboard HMS for the Tour of the Special Service Squadron in 1923/24. He served aboard the Hood from 1922 until 1925. He was put on the retirement list at his own request in 1928.

In WW2, he re-enlists and his parent ship is HMS Caroline, HQ base in Belfast. Although thousands of men wore the cap tally of the Caroline, they served aboard other ships.

Robert saw service with the Atlantic Convoys running out from Belfast, coordinated from HMS Caroline. Im afraid we cant identify any of his WW2 ships.

The medals all have various stages of verdigris and all have original ribbons.

Robert died in 1950.

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