WW2 – Polish – Battle of Berlin Medal Group with Award Documents


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WW2 – Polish – Battle of Berlin Medal Group with Award Documents to Piotr Gozdicki – A set such as this with award certificates is not often found
The Medals Are :-

Medal for Merit on the Field of Glory

The medal was instituted in November 1943 by General Zygmunt Berling (1896-1980), commander of the pro-Soviet Polish People’s Army in Russia and incorporated into the Polish system by decree on the 23rd December 1944. The medal was awarded to members of the Peoples’ Army for acts of bravery in the face of the enemy.

Medal of Victory and Freedom

The medal was instituted by decree of the Council of Ministers, approved by the State National Council on the 26th October 1945 ‘to commemorate the victory of the Polish Nation and its Allies over the barbarity of Hitlerism and the triumph of the concept of democratic freedom and to award persons who assisted in this victory and triumph by their acts or suffering in the country or abroad, prior to the 9th May 1945’. 

Medal for Participation in the Battle of Berlin

The medal was instituted by Act of Parliament on the 21st April 1966 and awarded to surviving members the Polish People’s Army who participated in the Battle for Berlin in April and May 1945.

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