WW2 RAF group to Charles Henry Drew of Barnstaple North Devon. 2nd Tactical Air Force, WARNING contains graphic pictures of Belsen


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An interesting and complete view of one raf ncos with many photos of him and his progress through the occupied countries during the campaign in Northwest Europe during the later stages of the war

Charles H Drew was born 28th June 1913 he lived at 6 Lansdown Terrace, Barnstaple North Devon. He served with 2nd Tactical Air Force, many pictures most of which have writing explaining what they are taken of he visited sites like Hill 60 of WW1 fame it seems along with other places in France, Netherlands etc. He visited Belsen Concentration Camp and took 4 photos of the scenes before him which are inc in this lot, there are also cards from Holland

Included are his medals unnamed as issued and all the postcards photos etc in the pictures there are 4 nice German propaganda postcards that he must have picked up

The pictures of belsen whist horrific are important historically what must he have thought when he entered those gates in unimaginable


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