WWII group of 5 plus KGVI TEM. Trayford. Royal Artillery (South Notts Hussars). 8th Army. Hucknall, Nottingham.


Correctly named TEM 832565 Gnr HW Trayford RA.

WWII medals unnamed as issued.

Horace William Trayford was born in February 1912 in Basford, Nottinghamshire to William and Lucy.

Prior to any wartime service, we find Horace living at 9 Cavendish St, Butlers Hill, Hucknall, Nottingham. He was working for the Notts Corporation Tramcars as a conductor.

He married Hilda M Donkin in Leeds in July 1937.

He entered service with the Territorial Army in 1933 into which he enlisted into the 107th Field Regiment RHA (TA), the South Notts Hussars.

He remained with these until August 1941 when he transferred to the 111th Field Regiment and remained in the UK until being sent overseas in June 1942. He served at first as part of the PAI Force, joining them in October 1942 but is reported wounded the same month. He was most likely serving in either Iraq of Persia for the better part of 12 months. There is no report of the nature of the wounding.

He next transfers to the 15th Field Regiment in November 1942. Here we would have been present at the finale of the Second Battle of El Alamein which ended in British Victory and ended the war in the desert.

From here, the regiment would have headed into Italy, presumably with the 8th Army at Salerno in September 1943. The 15th headed north after and saw action alongside the US 5th Army at the Gothic Line, north of Florence. The action here began in the August of 1943 and would end in early March 1945.

It is noted he had been wounded or ‘unfit’ for duty 4 times the first two whilst with PAI Force and the second two as a member of the CMF, Central Mediterranean Force.

He would be put into the Reserves in 1946 and later discharged in May 1948.

Horace died in 2001 aged 89.

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