Falklands War with Campaign Service Medal (Northern Ireland) Pair. Hatchell. Royal Air Force.



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Falklands medal correctly named SAC C Hatchell (D8188738) RAF

CSM correctly named LAC S Hatchell (D8188738) RAF

Please note the error in initial. His first name is Simon.

The lack of rosette on the ribbon would assume to tell us that SAC C Hatchell was based on Ascension Island for the duration of his tour. Its a possibility he may have served with the Royal Air Force Regiment, either 15 or 63 Squadron but never ventured to the Falkland Islands with 63 Squadron.

The majority of the RAF groundcrew personnel served just in Ascension Island, also known as Wideawake Airfield. It was a staging airfield for long range bombing raids during the Falklands War.

Its first Falklands-bound visitors, on the 2nd of April 1982, was Sgt’s Macelreavy and Keeping and five other Royal Signals personnel from 1st Signal Group at Tidworth arrived by air with Tactical Satellite Communications and Diplomatic Communications radios for Governor Rex Hunt. The surrender stopped any forward travel and they eventually embarked on RFA Fort Austin that was on its way to replenish HMS Endurance.

D Squadron SAS also arrived soon after, on the 5th, despite receiving no orders to deploy. D Squadron consisted of an HQ troop, elements of 264 Signal Squadron, and 16 (Mobility) Troop, 17 (Boat) Troop, 18 (Air) Troop and 19 (Mountain) Troop. The 84 personnel were flown, with 22 tonnes of palletised stores, by a single RAF VC10 of 10 Squadron.

Ascension was eventually to perform two main functions;

ONE; Trans-shipment and re-stowage of stores and personnel in support of the deployed force, primarily one of logistics support.

TWO; A base for RAF operations.

Recognising the importance of the location and the impact on the overall operation if Ascension were to be attacked (however unlikely) the British forces took prudent steps to defend it. Local air defence was provided first by 3 Sidewinder armed Harrier GR.3’s until three of the much more suitable 29(F) Squadron Phantom FGR.2’s from the 24th of May. A mobile air defence radar was also installed and operated on Green Mountain. The ground defence was provided by HQ No 3 Wing and 15 Field Squadron, RAF Regiment. From the 10th of May, a 100-mile radius control zone was implemented.

The Campaign Service Medal was awarded for Operation Banner, the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

Both medals have original silk ribbons as well have independent clasps for wear as not mounted together.

Falklands War with Campaign Service Medal (Northern Ireland) Pair. Hatchell. Royal Air Force.

Availability: 1 in stock

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