WW1 Trio. Stone. Durham Light Infantry, DCLI, Northern Cyclists and ASC. Tiverton/Stoke Canon. Multiple GSW


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Correctly named medals

Star 14999 Pte A Stone Durh LI

Pair 25793 Durh LI

Arthur Stone was born in 1895 in Tiverton, Devon. His Mothers address is given as The Lodge, Rewe, Stoke Canon, Exeter.

He enlisted into the Duke Of Cornwalls Light infantry 3/9/1914

He transferred to the 11Bn Durham Light Infantry 3/2/1915 then to the 3Bn 30/4/1918

He transferred to the 1/1 Northern Cyclist Bn 15/5/1918

Finally to 623 Mechanical Transport  Dept (London)Army Service Corps 10/10/1918

He was admitted to hospital whilst serving with the 11BN DLI. He received gunshot wounds to his right hand and thigh. He seemed to have heeled well from the thigh wound but subsequently needed a finger removing after the GSW.

A bit of an enigma here in the medal stamping office! It appears his pair is stamped to the DLI using his DCLI number (which they have got wrong)

All on modern ribbons, it looks at some point that the medals may have been treated with something, we think this due to slight discolour.

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