WWII & Africa General Service Medal. Bertram Henry Purnell Tremain. T/ Major Royal Pioneer Corps. Assistant Superintendent . Kenya Prison Service. Born Edmonton. Middlesex.


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Boxed medals .

Defence and war medals unnamed as issued on original ribbons and brown paper envelopes box named t/Major 219413 b h tremain rpc , o/c camp staff 4 ,transport unit , East Africa.

Africa General Service Medal with Kenya clasp named to ast super b h tremain . Box  named to him and notes kitale prison.

Bertram henry purnell tremain was born 30th November 1912 at Edmonton,  middlesex .

Cadet to 2nd lieut 1st December 1941 royal pioneer corp .

War substantive Capt to t major 20th April 1952 .

2nd April 1952 at Nairobi took oral exam in swahli.

Appointed assistant Superintendent of prisons 1st April 1955 .

Died Westminster 25th July 1984 .


Defence and war are both on original ribbons  ags is on a quality replacement ribbon.


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