WW2 War Medal and box to Officer Commanding 357 Medium Rgt RA/TA


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A single boxed WW2 War Medal, unnamed as issued, awarded to Officer Commanding, 357 Medium Regiment RA/TA, Drill Hall, 124 McDonald Rd, Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh City Artillery was a part-time unit of Britain’s Volunteer Force raised in the City of Edinburgh in 1859. It was the parent unit for a number of batteries in the later Territorial Force, including heavy batteries of the Royal Garrison Artillery that fought on the Western Front during World War I. It later formed a heavy regiment that served in the Battle of France and the campaign in North West Europe during World War II, while a spin-off medium regiment fought in Sicilyand Italy. Its successor units continued in the postwar Territorial Army until the 1960s

When the TA was reconstituted in 1947, the Regiment reformed at Edinburgh as 357th (Lothians) Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery, changing the ‘Lothians’ subtitle to ‘Lowland’ in 1955. It formed part of 85 AGRA. In 1956, it absorbed 416th (Clyde) (Mixed) Coast Rgt to form 357th (Lowland) Light Regiment:

  • P (City of Edinburgh) Bty – from 357th
  • Q (Lothian) Bty – from 357th
  • R (Clyde) Bty – from 416th



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